The First Advent of Jesus Christ

Published: 20th March 2009
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There are some 20 plus reasons why Jesus came when He did on this earth two thousand years ago. They include the pax romana made the nations controlled by one law, Rome. All roads were said to lead to Rome, Israel was at the cross roads to the fertile crescent and the nations of that day. One language was spoken throughout the then known land and this facilitated the spread of the gospel.

The prophets had been silent for 400 years and 'every vision faileth' was true, that is until the greatest of the prophets John the Baptist.

Jesus came preaching the gospel 'the kingdom of God is at hand', the greatest news in the world, Peace and good tidings to men the angels did say. The gospel is the good news of the tidings of God's love and grace to all men. It is the 'Godspell' that He cast over the world, when it was written of Jesus, 'never man spake as this man spake'.

Who is this that controls the winds and the waves they asked each other, that controls the demons and heals all manner of diseases.

And they said 'the whole world is gone after Him'. Ah, if only they had.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote that the reason why he would not follow Christ was not because he had argument with Christ, but with how Christians lived his gospel. (Loosely paraphrased.)

My quest is to live the gospel exactly as written in the bible. To know God like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did, as Martin Luther knew him. My soul would fly to heaven and do combat with Gabriel to praise the Creator of LIFE. To know the touch of the divine in my life, to know the sacred harmonies of heaven, walk with the Prince of life and fall on His breast a repentant sinner.

Satan's greatest triumph was in perverting the faith of Israel. The schools of the prophets taught the thinking of man and not of God. They had less and less saving value until they became useless.

The basis of religion was salvation by works, it had penetrated every other religion and was the foundation of every heathen religion. "Those who believe it have no barrier against sin." Ellen G White. It blinds and hardens the hearts of men and christians.

The Jews covered the pure truth with error over that which was taught in the schools of the prophets because they lost their first love and made up for it with hard rules and exactions to compensate. They refused to fully surrender their wills to do God's will and thus became the agents of Satan. This befitted Israel for destruction and separation from Christ. He said 'your house is left desolate unto you'.

Because of the exclusivity of the Jews, Pharisees, Saduccees, scribes, elders, priests, and lawyers refused to witness to their faith and share their religion with the world. Those who they converted to the faith of Israel were said to be more children of hell than themselves.

The significance of the sanctuary services, the daily and the day of atonement were lost sight of. The truth of the suffering Messiah was not seen, understood or accepted. They joined the first Advent with the Second Advent. They replaced ceremonies and pageant and rituals with a heart religion that was experiential.

The forces of deception and error had reached their pinnacle just before Christ arrived to live out His ministry to a doomed planet. All the agencies of evil and damnation to confuse souls had been put into fullest operation. The deep spiritual night made the Divine light of Christ sharp and clear in contra-distinction. "The brighest light cast the deepest shadows."

The victims of Satan's cruelty were fully corrupted and the rest were being spiritually murdered. They were chained to his car as captives, they had chosen a ruler who was malicious, they were bewildered and deceived. They made a gloomy procession to eternal ruin with no hope of morning. The bodies of men and women which were the dwelling place for God, were the habitation of demons. The superscription and image of god in the soul was being obliterated. The senses, nerves, passions and organs of men were worked by supernatural agencies in the indulgence of the vilest lusts.

"Sin became a science and vice was consecrated as a part of religion." The very stamp of demons was impressed on mens faces, they reflected possession by legions of devils.

Rebellion had struck its roots deep in the hearts of man. Mankind was vioently hostile against heaven. It was seen, apart from God, humanity could not be spiritually uplifted. When Satan seemed to triumph, the Son of God came with the embassage of Divine grace. (This material comes from Ellen G White's book The Desire of Ages, my book is a companion volume to this.)

(All this is prelude to the story of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords called)-The Life and Times of the Lord Jesus Christ at:- or

The story of the life of Christ is the story of History, it's His-story of how He came down to earth to conduct a rescue mission for a lost planet. It's the story of our elder brother whose right arm encircles Divinity and whose left arm embraces humanity. It's the story of the 'friend that sticketh closer than a brother', 'the bright and morning star', the daystar that arose in our hearts.

It's the story of the fairest of ten thousand, the lily of the valley, the bright red rose of Sharon.

The one altogether lovely, whose perfection of purity rises like the sweet smell of the flowers. Its perfume rises irresistibly, never ending. It's fragrance purifies the saints. He is the desire of all nations, the desire of ages; for all peoples of all ages and all nations have desired Him, knowingly or not.

He is the sinners friend, he loves the sinner but hates the sin. (We love the sin but hate the sinner.) His love alone can assauge the deepest desires of mankind. He is the loving shepherd that calls His sheep by name and leads them out into good pasture and deep springs of living water. He is the door of the sheep, the way, the truth, and the life. Come to Christ for only He can offer true life that will satisfy a man, for He made us that way.

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